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Thursday, 18 February 2016

JAILED: Convicted violent drugs 'baron' bit three police workers

Anthony Murgatroyd

JAILED: Convicted violent drugs 'baron' bit three police workers

A CONVICTED violent drugs “baron” who bit three police workers and left one officer in excruciating pain from a dislocated shoulder has been jailed for three years.
Anthony Murgatroyd attacked the officer who was arresting him, after he had been called to a domestic argument, and injured three officers and staff in his police cell.
Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that Murgatroyd had been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in 2002 for a series of offences, including serious violence.
On that occasion, Murgatroyd had repeatedly stabbed a small time drug dealer, in front of Christmas shoppers outside the Hilton Hotel in Bradford city centre, puncturing his victim's lung, lacerating his kidney and almost severing his tongue.
He was joined in the attack by Naveed Butt, who kicked the victim in the head. He was then thrown into Butt's car, driven to a house and dragged into the cellar, where Butt shoved a cocked gun into the victim's mouth and threatened to kill him if he spoke to police.
Murgatroyd, then 27, was convicted of wounding with intent, kidnap, false imprisonment, threats to kill, conspiracy to supply class A drugs, and possessing heroin with intent to supply.
Jailing both men at the time for 15 years, Judge Alastair McCallum described Murgatroyd and Butt as at the top of the drugs chain and prepared to use extreme violence.
The court yesterday heard Murgatroyd had been released from that sentence in July 2012 and was under the supervision of the probation service and things had gone well. He had not offended again, had settled down, formed relationships and found work.
But in the last year, things had started to go wrong. Murgatroyd had become depressed and anxious and began taking medication. He was unable to work, and on November 15 last year police were called to his home address in Moorlands Gardens,Drighlington, because of an argument with his partner.
The court heard he struggled with the officers and bit the arm of PC David Simpson. The bite marked the officer’s arm but did not break the skin.
Murgatroyd was taken to a police station, booked in and placed in a cell. He was co-operative but after a couple of hours his attitude changed substantially.

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