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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Imran Khan who died after targeted shooting in West Bowling was soon to be a dad for first time

Imran Khan who died after targeted shooting in West Bowling was soon to be a dad for first time
Imran Khan who died after targeted shooting in West Bowling was soon to be a dad for first time

Imran Khan who died after targeted shooting in West Bowling was soon to be a dad for first time

A MAN who had died after a targeted shooting in Bradford was due to become a father for the first time, it has emerged.
Imran Khan, whose wife was due to give birth next month, had been shopping for baby items on the day he died, said friends.
Detectives confirmed yesterday a murder investigation had started after Mr Khan, 30, was shot outside his home in Round Street, West Bowling, on Monday at about 8pm.
He was taken to hospital but died a short time later. Police said a post mortem examination took place yesterday.
Family and friends paid tribute to Mr Khan, who also went by the nickname Kalay.
His sister Jawaria broke down in tears as she said: “He was the greatest brother you could ever have. He was always there for his family and people used to look up to him.”
Waleed Khan, 32, a friend of Mr Khan, said: “He was a nice man. He was a nice, humble, charitable, law-abiding guy and he used to give a lot to charity. He went shopping on the day his was shot for stuff for his newborn.”
He described Mr Khan’s family as “really nice and quiet”, and added: “It has struck the whole community in West Bowling. It is terrible.”
Another friend, who did not want to be named, said Mr Khan had been fasting for Ramadan.
He said he had seen Mr Khan and others his age grow up, and added: “He has a wife and is expecting a kid next month. I have been traumatised all night.
“To lose a life just like that, I could hear his mum screaming.”
He added: “It will impact on the area and the whole of Bradford.”
The friend said Mr Khan lived with his wife, mum, dad, sister and brother. His two other brothers had moved out, he added.
“He was a brilliant lad, a good lad, and humble with the kids,” said the friend. “He played football with the local kids.
“We have lost a really good person in the community. He was always humble and polite and happy and playful.”
Mr Khan was jailed for six years in September 2007 for his role in a kidnap gang. He admitted kidnapping a man, robbing him of £350 and possessing an imitation firearm with intent to rob.
But the friend said: “He has kept out of trouble since that. He worked full-time and had two jobs.
“He had a heart. He would always do something for the community.”
Councillor Taj Salam (Lab, Little Horton) said: “It is terrible news. A young man has lost his life and the community is in shock. I was only speaking to him on Friday evening. He was a delivery driver for a local takeaway business. A really nice and hardworking man who I understand was expecting his first child soon. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
“There has been a lot of work carried out in the area over the past few years to bring the community together and try to encourage young people to use their energy in positive ways such as the Park Side sports centre and the Bradford Trident community projects rather than turning to violence. I feel we had come a long way since 2009 - following a fatal stabbing - and we were making very good progress. This is almost like a step backwards.
“There is a calm at the moment because of the shock but my next step when the dust settles is to try and pull people together such as community leaders and service providers to analyse what has gone wrong in the last five or six years. People have to learn from this sort of tragic incident.”

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