House Removals Bradford

House Removals Bradford
House Removals Bradford

Friday, 29 April 2016

30 old pictures of Bradford pubs

30 old pictures of Bradford pubs

30 old pictures of Bradford pubs

The Bradfordian Pub, Westgate, 1986

Calico Jacks in Vicar Lane, 1996

The Cambridge Hotel in 1974

The Cock and Bottle, on Barkerend Road, pictured in 1986

The Duchess of Kent, pictured in 1975

Empress, Tyrell Street, in 1992

The Lock Stock & Barrel in 1992

The Lower Globe Inn, 1974

The Market Tavern at Kirkgate Market, in 1979

The New Inn, Tyrrel Street, 1961

Odd Fellows Hall in Thornton Road, which is now demolished, opened in 1837

Perseverance Pub, Lumb Lane, 1985

The Talbot Hotel, Kirkgate, in 1979

The Diplomat, Sunbridge Road, pictured in 1994

The Flagship, in 1985

The Fox and Goose, off Canal Road, 1993

The Goldsborough, on Bolton Road, in 1996

The Junction, Leeds Road, 1976

The Lancaster, Westgate, pictured in 1990

The Mannville Arms, Great Horton Road, 1985

The Melborn Hotel, Manningham, in 1994

The Old Crown, Ivegate, 1993

The Olde Devonshire Arms, Thornton Road, 1992

The Rams Revenge, Upper Millergate,1986

The Rawson Hotel, John Street, 1995

The Ring O Bells, Bolton Road, 1986

The Smithy, Southgate, in 1988

The Unicorn Hotel, Ivegate, 1958

Tickles Music Hall, Westgate, in 1993

Yate's Wine Lodge, Ivegate, 1972

More old photo's of Bradford

Pictures from T&A

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